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FA / I.Com Class Solved Assignments of Autumn 2020 that is Available for Download.

Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2020 (Please Click On Code For Downloading)

Assignment No 1

20-02-2021 (Extended)

Assignment No 2

20-02-2021 (Extended)

Assignment No 3

20-02-2021 (Extended)

Assignment No 4



CodeBook NameView Assignments
301دفتری اردوView Assignments
303اقبالیاتView Assignments
305دہی ترقیView Assignments
308جنرل سائنسView Assignments
311کھاتہ نویسی و محاسبی (Accounting)View Assignments
312علم التعلیمView Assignments
315معاشیاتView Assignments
316اسلامیات لازمیView Assignments
317مطالعہ پاکستانView Assignments
321تاریخ مسلمانان برصغیرView Assignments
322دفتری دستورالعملView Assignments
326نفع بخش زرعی کاروبارView Assignments
327فارم مشینری اورزرعی آلاتView Assignments
329جدید زراعتView Assignments
330بچے کی نگہداشتView Assignments
342باغبانی کے جدیدطریقےView Assignments
343(اسلامیات(اختیاریView Assignments
345گھریلوانتظام و آرائشView Assignments
346اصول تجارتView Assignments
347بینکنگView Assignments
349پودوں کی حفاظتView Assignments
356غزا اور غزائیتView Assignments
357صحت اور غزائیتView Assignments
360Information Technology ApplicationsView Assignments
363  I-اردوView Assignments
364  II-اردوView Assignments
365فیملی اور کمیونٹی کی صحتView Assignments
366صحت کےلیےعملی اقداماتView Assignments
371خواتین پولیسView Assignments
372جرمیاتView Assignments
376انسانی حقوقView Assignments
386Compulsory English – IView Assignments
387Compulsory English – IIView Assignments
388علم تعزیرView Assignments
394(شماریات (حصہ اولView Assignments
395(شماریات (حصہ دومView Assignments
1307Mathematics-IView Assignments
1308Mathematics-IIView Assignments
1339Basics of AccountingView Assignments
1340Business AccountingView Assignments
1345Principles of CommerceView Assignments
1346Essentials of commerceView Assignments
1347Commercial GeographyView Assignments
1348Introduction to EconomicsView Assignments
1349Introduction to Business MathView Assignments
1350Introduction to Business StatisticsView Assignments